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Hi there !

My name is Marie and I am from France. It may sound cliché but I have always wanted to travel, discover the world and learn about new cultures. Presently, I dream of snow in Finland and of tropical forest in Brazil, of walks under blossoming cherrytrees in Japan and of train travels through Russia… However, it seems difficult to make it real in the years to come – because of money issues, because of my studies…

Nevertheless, I do continue – as I have been doing since I know how to read – to travel every day through books’ pages. This is why I came out with a slightly crazy idea : what if I read one book per country in the world, waiting for the opportunity to visit it ? (let’s agree on a book written by one author from each country in the world)

I have been thinking about it for a while… and as I was chatting with someone on an online reading community named Booknode, it appeared that it WAS feasible ! And why ? Because someone actually did it before : Ann MORGAN.

She is a British writer and publisher, and she accomplished this incredible challenge in just a year, getting help and advice from people from all over the world. I do not think I can get such support, but if it is possible anyway… why not try it ?

So I am creating this blog, on which I will post reviews of the 197 books I hope I will be able to read (list to be gradually updated on the website). 

Yet, I don’t know a lot about international literature (outside of the main english-speaking countries), and I am not sure that my choices will be the most relevant ones…

This is why, if YOU have some advice to give, some sources to suggest… or if you are not French (gosh, how did you get here if you are not ?!) or live in a foreign country, please don’t hesitate to post here your favourite books, the classics from your country, anything that belongs to your country’s literature (and has been translated into French or English) ! It will help enlarge the choice of books and propose a wider list. Because, of course, I don’t need to live this adventure alone and I wish that everyone can give it a try.

So… I invite you to pick references on that blog, to create your own list and take a chance at this international literature reading challenge, and then share your discoveries here !

See you soon, in some distant part of the (literary) world !

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